Choosing the right outdoor lighting for your commercial, office or domestic premises is vital to ensure safety, security and to create ambiance.

Practical considerations for outdoor lighting are often overlooked. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Size: The biggest mistake made in selecting outdoor lighting is choosing light fixtures that are too small.
  • Colour: Choose a colour that complements the exterior colour scheme.
  • Style: Buildings & homes are not usually one particular style; they incorporate elements of several styles.
  • How Much Light? Using bulbs that are brighter than necessary will increase glare and detract from the fixtures. Use only the wattage you need. Several fixtures with low-wattage bulbs will look better and give more comfortable light than one fixture with a bright bulb.
  • Specific Situations: Don’t forget all entry and exit doorways, pathways, driveway and steps
  • Construction Material: outdoor light fixtures must be durable and suitable for most weather conditions in particular for harsher coastal and salt-water areas